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My name is Joanna Lampejo aka, "The Savvy Side Hustler", I'ma working mother of two little butterflies, who are evolving right before my eyes.


When I'm not working my day job or with the kids, I love blogging & creating helpful & practical content on "YouTube".


Amongst other things being intentional is my thing this year, I love a good side hustle, & listening podcasts, DIY, travelling, learning about personal finance & creating memories with my little tribe. I believe having a plan is everything, but living is just as crucial.

I love a challenge & a cheeky side hustle, I literally get a kick from seeing things grow from nothing.

In September, I began an interesting challenge. The challenge was to see if I could pa "Cash for Christmas".

Now like most people I always get caught of guard around Christmas, so this year I pulled up my socks & chose to become more intentional, whilst thinking outside of the box. 

Since then, I've had a massive mind shift with my view on money, personal development & parenting.

The goal is to build "A Passive Income Empire" from, dare I say (shhhhh..")."Side Hustles" or what some might call "Side Hustle Ideas".

I believe, now more than ever (since having kids) that having as many options as possible is everything, so I look forward to this awesome new adventure.

Why not tag along on this journey with me by staying connected. 

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About Me


 I'm Joanna, aka 

"The Savvy Side Hustler"

It's scary to say it out loud, but, I have officially started my journey

 "Financial Freedom"

And it all started with a challenge I set myself back in September, which was can I pay

"Cash For Christmas'.

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