Joanna Lampejo

The Savvy Side Hustler 


 I'm Joanna, aka "The Savvy Side Hustler" 

When I'm not working my day job or with the kids, I love blogging & creating helpful & practical content on my "YouTube Channel".


Amongst other things, being intentional is my thing this year, I love a good side hustle, listening to podcasts, DIY, travelling, learning about personal finance & creating memories with my little tribe. I believe that having a plan is everything, but living is just as crucial.


Personal Development


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About Me


 I'm Joanna, aka 

"The Savvy Side Hustler"

It's scary to say it out loud, but, I have officially started my journey

 "Financial Freedom"

And it all started with a challenge I set myself back in September, which was can I pay

"Cash For Christmas'.

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